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List of INFRASTRUCTURE CONNECT! 2021 Gold Sponsors

Ministry of Investment / BKPM

BKPM or Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board is a Government Agency, which in charge of implementing policy and service coordination in investment in accordance with the provisions of the regulations. As the primary interface between business and government, BKPM is mandated to boost domestic and foreign direct investment through creating a conducive investment climate. Restored to ministry level status in 2009, and reporting directly to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, this investment promotion agency’s goal is not only to seek more domestic and foreign investment but also seek quality investments that may drive the Indonesian economy and absorb a lot of manpower.

Borouge Pte Ltd

Borouge offers leading, high performance infrastructure solutions that help the pipe industry better serve a variety of communities worldwide. We offer polyethylene and polypropylene materials for pipes used in many different industries: water and gas supply, wastewater and sewage disposal, plumbing and heating, oil and gas, including steel pipe coating solutions for onshore and offshore pipelines.     

Catur Putra Guna Pratama (CPGP), PT

For the last 30 Years, CPGP is a prominent player within the Marine Industry. Established in 1989, with conscientious business attitude which align with the corporate identity of the manufacturers that we represent in Indonesia, our mission is to support the industry by providing a safe berthing and mooring equipment, reliable material handling equipment, bespoke lighting solution and a safe passage and navigation equipment at the port ever since. 

We seek the opportunity to collaborate with the stakeholders aiming to develop a sustainable and intelligent ports, and ultimately improved the overall operation of those ports that scattered across the archipelago. Furthermore, due to the fact that Indonesia are considered amongst top 10 of Earthquake-prone area countries, we expand our scope of supply to reach the stakeholders involved in building design and development, and in collaboration with Sumitomo to provide a cost-efficient seismic-proofing solution for high-rises buildings, as well as important medical, educational, and state administrative buildings.

Mapei Indonesia Construction Solutions

Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is today the world leader in the production of adhesives and chemical products for the building industry. We implemented our internationalization strategy in the 1960’s and this has enabled us to be closer to the needs of regional markets and reduce transport costs to a minimum. The Group now has 90 subsidiaries with 83 production facilities in 36 different countries. We have always invested heavily in Research & Development and most of our efforts are focused on developing eco-sustainable and eco-compatible products.

Master Builders Solutions

Under the global umbrella brand Master Builders Solutions, we offer advanced chemical solutions for the construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. Our comprehensive portfolio encompasses concrete admixtures, cement additives, chemical solutions for underground construction, waterproofing systems, sealants, concrete repair & protection systems, performance grouts, and performance flooring systems. To solve our customers’ specific construction challenges from conception through to completion of a project, we draw on our specialist know-how, regional expertise and the experience gained in countless constructions projects worldwide. We leverage global technologies and our in-depth knowledge of local building needs to develop innovations that help make our customers more successful and drive sustainable construction. We operate production sites and sales offices in more than 60 country.

MTWO – RIB Software

MTWO is a future proof construction enterprise cloud software that helps to manage all projects from end to end with 5D BIM, connects all teams anytime anywhere through all devices, and provides real-time intelligent data for effective decision-making, helping project teams to build faster, smarter and better, and enabling enterprises to be more efficient, sustainable and successful.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd (SRI)

Sumitomo rubber technology dates back to 1909 where the 1st  modern tire factory in Japan was borne under Dunlop Far East.  Japan suffered 2 major earthquakes and our company aspires to ensure buildings and structures are safe from such disasters.  Our vibration control technology, GRAST, is derived from high damping technology of racing tires. It opens up new possibilities for anti-seismic  design for building-specific vibration control damper. Our GRAST technology and design have the capabilities to adapt to the local seismic design code globally

Tata Logam Group

Started with a dream of Mr. Yarryanto and Mrs. Wulani Rismono to replace easily-corrosion zinc roofs in an area in Jakarta with beautiful, high-quality products, the company now has created an ambition, which is also the company’s vision, namely “To Provide better quality Roof for entire Archipelago”.

PT.TATALOGAM LESTARI existence as a Patent Owner Rights for metal roof with No. ID0-000-116-S and Owner Rights to Patent No.0000332 S, metal shingles. Recognized by consumers and industry by obtaining ISO 9001:2000 Certificate for Quality Management System in March 2003.

This is an achievement on its own due to PT. TATALOGAM LESTARI is the only metal tile manufacturer in Indonesia which obtained ISO 9001:2008 certificate